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by Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen

Time to Clean Out Your Closet…and Your Liver, Gut, and Kidneys – Is a Detox Program Right For You This Year?

After the last few months of holiday festivities, overindulgence in the form of food, alcohol, and stress can be at the forefront of our minds. With a New Year here, many people vow to change their lives and lose weight, complain less, and exercise and meditate more. One avenue that most people do not consider after a period of overindulgence is detoxification, or purification, to rid the body from the chemicals and impurities that have accumulated over the holiday season. A Purification program combines a calorie restricted diet with whole food supplementation. Many studies have shown a relationship between weight loss, biomarkers for longevity, and a calorie restricted diet.

Detoxification is defined as the metabolic process by which toxins are changed into less toxic or more readily excretable substances. It can be compared to the “junk drawer” that most people have in their home. Over time, more items collect in the junk drawer until it cannot even be opened anymore. Your body collects junk in the same way with the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe. This junk consists of pesticides, pollutants, preservatives, heavy metals, chemicals and caffeine.

Although we are experiencing an unprecedented number of chemicals and toxins in today’s environment, the human body is wonderfully equipped with ways to rid itself of external and internal toxins. The liver, gastrointestinal system, kidneys, gallbladder, and lymphatic system are all in charge of the handling and excreting of toxins from the body. If these organs are overburdened, they can become inefficient just like a clogged air filter. Signs of toxicity include weight gain, fatigue, poor digestion, difficulty sleeping, food cravings, mental fog, dark circles under the eyes, moodiness, and low libido, just to name a few.

Many detoxification programs exist. Here are a few key steps to follow when choosing the right program for you:
• Always check with a licensed healthcare professional before you begin a detoxification program because people with certain diseases like diabetes, need to be monitored especially well while detoxifying.
• Make sure that the program is made from food and is free of preservatives, chemicals, and artificial sweeteners and ingredients.
• It is usually better to perform a detoxification program that is gentler on your body, so choose one that lasts for more than a day or two.
• Buddy up…When you complete a detoxification program with a friend or family member it helps to stay focused and the results are usually more significant.
After the completion of a detoxification program, most people experience increased energy, improvements in sleep, mental clarity and cognitive function, improved bowel function, improved menstrual cycle function, clearer skin and decreased joint pain. Laboratory profiles and tests that are usually improved with a purification program include blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and body fat percentage. With all of these improvements, 2017 can definitely begin the start of a new and vibrant YOU!

Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen, DC, MS. CNS, CCN is a licensed chiropractic physician and certified clinical nutritionist, and clinical director of Lime and Lotus Healing Arts Center in Charleston, South Carolina. For more information on whole food detoxification programs visit

Meet Dr Stephanie
Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen, DC, CNS, CCN brings over a decade of clinical experience to teach you how to balance your hormones NATURALLY without drugs or hormone replacement. Learn how your body is supposed to work and how to naturally alleviate everything from menstrual cramps, to hot flashes and night sweats. Or just learn how to prepare for a natural, healthy pregnancy. Nothing is off limits in this informative and entertaining workshop.

A little more about Dr. Stephanie:
Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen, DC, MS, ACN, CNS, CCN, is effective at creating custom tailored nutritional programs for her patients in order for them to achieve their best health. She utilizes various diagnostic procedures, diet analysis and much more to develop her protocols. Dr. Zgraggen believes that small dietary and lifestyle changes along with whole food based supplementation and herbs to fill in any nutritional gaps is the best approach for long term and sustained health benefits. Her laid back educational style provides her patients with practical, easy to understand solutions and steps to take to restore health to its optimal level.
Check her out at:

Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen, DC, MS, ACN, CNS, CCN completed her undergraduate work at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise physiology. She then attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia and completed her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California. In 2009, she completed a two year training to obtain her Master of Science in Human Nutrition from University of St. Joseph in West Hartford, Connecticut. In addition, Dr. Zgraggen is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist as well as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist.
Dr. Zgraggen’s Charleston, South Carolina based private practice is centered on functional endocrinology, lifestyle modification and whole food supplementation. Dr. Zgraggen’s expertise includes functionally evaluating thyroid, adrenals, male and female hormone imbalances, and digestion. She is well versed in saliva testing, hair mineral analysis, and functional interpretation of blood panels. Dr. Zgraggen lectures regularly around the country on incorporating whole food nutrition protocols into practice for doctors and other healthcare professionals.
Dr. Zgraggen has been a featured author in a variety of national publications such as Chiropractic Economics, Natural Practitioner, and Nutritional Perspectives.

Dr. Zgraggen’s Credentials
Dr. Stephanie has a variety of credentials in holistic health care:
• Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic
• Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition
• Applied Clinical Nutritionist (ACN)
• Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN)
• Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)
• Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology
• Skilled in Saliva Hormone Analysis, Hair Analysis, Nutritional & Herbal Therapy



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