Inspirations: Steven Aitchison

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Inspirations is our ongoing blog series that highlights inspiring people from around the world.

  “Walk in the direction where your peace is found”

― Steven Aitchison

by Anne-Marie Wiesman

Steven Aitchison is the Creator of Change Your Thoughts, Co-creator of the Guided Mind and Positive Life Affirmations which started in 2012 and is the narrator of all of the Guided Meditations, audio’s mp3’s and Cd’s they offer. Steven started using guided meditations in the early 90s after reading a book by Shakti Gawain: Creative Visualization. After reading that book I started looking for guided meditations but none of them really stood out so Steven decided to create his own. Steven believes there is always a need for amazing products like the guided meditations he has created to help other people.

Steven got into the online personal development field around August 2006 when he started the blog Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life. Which was inspired by The book was called ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, “That book was the turning point in my life, my awakening, it showed me that my thoughts are my own creations.If my thoughts were my own creations then my feelings were my own creations, and if my feelings were my own creations then my behavior and actions were my own creation, and what made all these thoughts, beliefs and actions form was the images and movies I played in my mind day in and day out….A huge revelation.Of course, I didn’t change overnight. I am continually learning, adjusting and changing my life to suit myself, my wife and my family, but the thing is… It’s all my choice! I tried a lot of things in life to find my true calling. After my awakening, I knew that the path I needed to take was to help others.”

Steven attended University in Glasgow from 1996 – 2000 and gained his BSc in Psychology, something he is proud of which helped prove to himself his childhood beliefs that he could do it.Steven knew that teaching others about the lessons he had learned in life in such a direct way was the way he needed to go – with this in mind he started his blog in August 2006.Steven has written several books, guides and has been interviewed countless times for radio, internet shows and is considered the UK’s #1 personal development blogger.

I met Steven years ago through a group called The Wellness Universe. They had asked for guest blogs to be submitted for the launch of their website. Steven was helping The Wellness Universe out with the submissions, and mine was chosen for the launch. I was honored, especially since I had just recently started blogging. This was a big boost to my confidence in my ability to write at the time. Steven gave me another boost in confidence by stating that I was a “talented writer.” This was such a gift to me at the time. Steven has continued to be a Gift and huge supporter to both Scott and myself, as well as a big influence in the creation of Healing Connection Network. Steven inspires millions with his work on a daily basis as well as in his program which he created Your Digital Formula which helps people to grow their online business and social media presence. 

Steven is also the Creator of Your Digital Formula | Co-Creator of GuidedMind | Creator of The Magic | Creator of Positive Life Affirmations , which is an offshoot from his blog at and Author of 3 million likes on Facebook


Isn’t he Inspiring?

To learn more about Steven or to Contact please visit:


Anne-Marie Wiesman

Anne-Marie is the Founder and CEO of Healing Connection Network and Host of Healing Connection Network Live TV. She is a Tapping Expert, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner.  As well as an Author, Advocate and Activist. Anne-Marie is also, the Founder of Follow Your Song a website and blog created to bring Inspiration, Encouragement and Hope to survivors of all forms of abuse. Anne-Marie Volunteers for The Mama Bear Effect an Organization created to bring awareness and prevention of Childhood sexual abuse.  Anne-Marie is on the Board of Directors at Bliss Spiritual Co-op as the Director of Marketing.

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